(V1:B2) Chapter 5: Retaking Weathertop

Dimzad and I decided to team up to help Candaith with retaking Weathertop.  We fought our way up to where the path to the summit diverges.  Candaith told us he would clear one way, whilst we would clear the other and we would meet at the summit.  We forged our way ahead killing bands of orcs and goblins, including 2 of their leaders, Bûb-hosh and Muz.  Although the mission was urgent we did need to stop and rest to recover our morale and power.

El & Dim

a handy hunter camp fire

We met with Candaith at the summit who was seriously wounded (I had worried about him going off on his own), so Dimzad and I shouldered the responsibility of killing the Uruk leader, Rigûl.  The fight seemed to be going in our favour, but… they had a troll.  The fight was very difficult but we were victorious in the end.  We assisted Candaith back to his camp and did what we could to help heal his wounds.

View from Weathertop

We found time to admire the view

*It should be mentioned that it is very difficult (and was impossible for us) to duo the Retaking Weathertop instance at level.  We did pretty well but the stuns from the troll combined with lots of mobs meant my hunter found it extremely difficult to keep aggro .  We ended up soloing it with the inspiration buff and it was very easy.

**I’m going to go through and change the titles and tags – it would be nice to have the actual titles imo.


2 comments on “(V1:B2) Chapter 5: Retaking Weathertop

  1. Graphics in lotro is pretty lol I’ve started playing the horribleness of eve online 0.0 swashy finally got a ship lol worryingly I actually like it lol hmm worryingly is that a word ? :O

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