f2p in eu is nearly here!

Codemasters have announced that they are launching the Free to Play version on Tuesday 2nd November!!

That’s great news 🙂  Admittedly at the moment, I’m looking forward to the content updates (Bilbo’s Haunted Cellar, the wardrobe system, faster mounts at lower levels etc) but the hopeful influx of new players will be good too.

For anyone who’s thinking of playing for free here are a few tips:

  1. Given most launches (expansions etc) I’ve experienced, I will not be surprised if I can’t play on Tuesday 😉  and I imagine the low level areas will be a bunfight when you do start 😉
  2. Do your research before you spend your Points in the in-game store.  mmorsel has just about everything covered including a levelling guide and how to earn points in game.
  3. If you prioritise anything I’d get the most of out of the Harvest Festival as this is temporary (I don’t know the end date of this – its likely to be at least a couple of weeks I would guess).  If you’re after the Harvest festival horse bear in mind, you will need to purchase a normal mount (500s and lvl 20), win the festival race AND have 1g600s to buy the Document of Horse Ownership.  Full details re: mounts here.
  4. I’ve heard that the download will be streamed, however if you’re with Virgin Media, bear in mind that the download speed is throttled during the day (if not on the most expensive package I think) and for a download that size, you’ll be reduced to 200kb/sec which is just painful.  I always do large downloads overnight now as its much quicker 😉  Patches (and smaller downloads) seem ok though.

If I think of anything else I’ll add it 😉


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