some wittering on servers and playstyles

I have to admit I had intended playing lotro on Snowbourn server so I could occasionally chat to some fellow Light of the Wolf guildies.  So I rolled a hunter and champion there and was enjoying myself, getting my crafting sorted out and suchlike.   But Dimzad came home and rolled a Rune Keeper on Laurelin (the rp server) as we found out some RL friends have a guild there.  So I was a bit stuck…  He had been told that a Rune Keeper / Hunter duo was a lot of fun and pretty powerful whereas I had been thinking of a Champion / Minstrel mix.  So seeing as I actually wanted to play this game with Dimzad, I suppressed a sigh and rolled a new hunter on Laurelin… 😉

It now seems that Laurelin is our home for lotro, as the thought of repeating everything (the crafting… the levelling… the alts…) is pretty off putting.  Its a real shame as I had been looking forward to the occasional chat in game.  What makes it even more strange is that we are very happy being guildless at the moment and haven’t even been in contact with our RL friends!  Its very antisocial I suppose but its also a very relaxed way to play.  I expect at some point soon we will decide to fess up and say hi to our friends, join their guild and maybe see some group content.

I have to say though its been quite refreshing lowering my gear expectations and just getting by on a mixture of crafted and quested stuff.  Its nice not farming zones for a certain item and not worrying if I’m playing the class ‘properly’.   I do get a slight hankering to see some of the instances as the world is so beautifully and atmospherically made it seems as though they will be huge fun (and scary!) to experience.

I had been quite wary of joining a RP server too – mainly because that isn’t my playstyle and I have never roleplayed before in any form at all…  I like to quest, either efficiently ploughing my way through or stopping every 5 mins to mine a node… or going off on wild tangents to see what’s over there* 😉 (I think I like the what’s over there option the best… I hate it when I run out of new places).  So I chose an RP acceptable name for my elf, I stick to the extra server rules (ooc chat in /ooc and /advice only and respect others rp-ing) and just generally, quietly, do my thing.

I have to say the roleplay really does make the server more interesting and seem more alive and real.  As you walk through Bree, you read snippets of conversation – its really like walking down a RL street and overhearing snatches of conversation.  There’s lots of music too and I love it when all of a sudden I hear a Metallica song played on lute and drums.  There are player organised events too but I haven’t attended any as yet.

Which brings me to the question…  should I consider rp-ing sometimes?  I’ve only had a couple of enforced rp situations (self-enforced as the other person started talking to me and I don’t like to be rude :P)  The first guy, seemed quite sweet but caught me at a really bad time and I prevaricated for so long over what to write as I had to go that in the end I just blurted out something silly and ran off 😳  The other guy seemed to be roleplaying an annoying, misogynist older uncle type and started off the conversation with ‘hello little lady’.  My reply of ‘excuse me? little lady?’ seemed to be a conversation stopper thank goodness.  I was pretty polite too as for some reason that comment *really* annoyed me.  Its even stranger when you consider that most people assume that the person behind the toon is male… (I’ve had a few tells where they are clearly assuming I’m male – dude?  I don’t enlighten them either ;))

Well we shall see – I suppose I ought to figure out a back story in case I’m ever cornered by self-imposed politeness again… you never know… it could be fun 😉

*by the way you can only get to the eastern half of angmar when you have done the level appropriate quest.  Poor low level hunter girl, skillfully weaving her way through very scary and very deadly mobs to be insta-killed by stupid statues (twice :P).


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