(V1:B2) Chapter 4: Light in the Darkness

As Candaith was returning to his camp, he witnessed a great storm above Weathertop.  He saw flashes of light yet heard no thunder and there were no clouds in the sky.  He asked me to travel to the top and see if I can find anything out of the ordinary.  (This must be when Gandalf fought the Nazgul, before Aragorn and the hobbits arrive there).

I travelled without incident to the summit of Weathertop and found a clean white stone with some runes carved into it.  I took a paper rubbing of it to show Candaith.

G rune

I do hope this isn't upside down 😉

Candaith didn’t understand the meaning but suspects this did have something to do with the strange storm and also something to do with the person who sent me to him.

Although he now has news of Radagast, Candaith has asked for my assistance once more.  He has found out the Orcs’ plans and it is imperative that they are stopped.  They are planning to take control of Amon Sûl by moving their forces a unit at a time.  Although we could not stand against their full force united, Candaith believes that we can stop them by taking them out a unit at a time, as they move towards the summit.


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