Volume 1: Book 2: Chapter 3

I travelled to Bleakrift and killed my way to the depths (or heights perhaps) of their camp.  As promised, War Master Uzorr was there along with a letter.


After killing him and taking his letter I looked around for the best way to get out of the camp unnoticed.  Unfortunately I slipped on the bridge attempting to get an overview (ok yes I accidentally fell off the bridge trying to take a screenshot :P). I landed in the water and managed to sneak out of the camp that way.  The rest of the journey back to Candaith was uneventful thankfully.

Candaith told me that this letter was also written in the Black Speech and also bore the mark of the White Hand.  However, the task of obtaining a translation is not for me.  Candaith has found information about the whereabouts of Radagast but he would like to me to investigate something first.


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