(V1:B2) Chapter 2: An Orc Messenger

I returned to Candaith after having killed the 16 orcs and he told me that whilst he was searching for Radagast near the Midgewater Pass, he tracked a suspicious Orc Messenger.  He could not follow further as a cloud of crebain began circling and he couldn’t risk being found.  He has asked me to find this messenger and take any messages or orders he may be carrying.

I eventually came across Glumhallow and began my search for the messenger. as Candaith believed he was headed in this direction.

orc messenger

I spotted the messenger but had to fight my way through their camp.  It wasn’t exactly subtle but I imagine dead orcs tell no tales 😉

I returned to Candaith with the orders.  It appears that these orders are written in the Black Speech… While searching for Radagast he came across a war-band with a War Master, who caused him some trouble.  He suspects that they have returned to Bleakrift and he has asked me to travel there and kill War Master Uzorr.  He suspects I will find further information there.


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