news and no news

EQ2 have announced some server merges and it looks like the folks from Runnyeye will be joining us lot on Splitpaw.  (Some US servers will also be merging).  Full details (including duplicate name policy) are in the announcement thread and a few clarifications are in the discussion thread.  Players have been asking for this for some time now for the lower level population servers so hopefully this will be a good thing.

As far as names go, I think some of my mine will be ok and some of them will have an X after their name.  There is no news on exactly when this will happen but duplicate names will be retained for the one who has logged in the previous 60 days.  If both duplicate names have logged in during that time, then the character with the most time /played will retain the name.

There is still no news on when LOTRO is going free to play in Europe.  The last we heard was on Friday (15th) which, well…. didn’t really tell us anything beyond that there is still no solid information, they are hoping to give us details about a big splash launch this week, there is now light at the end of the tunnel and reiterated their apologies for the delay.  I’m looking forward to the F2P launch mainly for changes to the game (e.g. lower level start for Skirmishes, changes to horses, crafting, wardrobe etc etc) and of course the Fall Festival.  Hopefully soon, although it has to be said I am not holding my breath 😉



2 comments on “news and no news

  1. oh I know! I still have Dragon Age to finish (before the next one comes out too ;)), gardens and notd to sort out / enjoy in EQ2… Its nice having options though!

    If you enjoyed the lotr books/film then you’ll love the game – the artwork is gorgeous (and scary!) and I’m finding I can play at my own pace quite happily. Although that has involved for me, not joining a guild and deciding solo content is *enough* for me for the time being at least 😉

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