(V1:B2) Foreword & Chapter 1

I’m experimenting with writing the epic storyline in more of a diary format.

Between finishing Othrongost and coming back to Strider, there was a clip which explained of Gandalf’s imprisonment by Saruman and that Strider had left with the hobbits.

Foreword: Aiding the Order
Gandalf requested that I try to find his colleague Radagast the Brown as he has found a source of corruption in the Lone Lands and Gandalf would like me to assist Radagast.  He suggested that I asked the Rangers for their help as Radagast wanders far.  I travelled to see Saeradan at his cabin along the Greenway and he suggested that I find Candaith who camps near Weathertop.  I took up Saeradan’s offer of using his horse and found myself on rather a long ride.

Chapter 1: Rise of the Orcs
I eventually came to Candaith’s camp and he was relieved to hear that Radagast was in the area given the spread of evil and has offered to help me find Radagast if I’ll help him drive back the Enemy here.

Candaith's Camp

I agreed of course, killing Orcs is always satisfying.  I was tasked with killing 8 melee and 8 ranged White Hand orcs whilst Candaith looks for signs of Radagast.


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