normally just ignore spam comments and delete – but this one?!

“hi do you like car rims?”

seriously?! lmfao


7 comments on “spam

  1. Yeah random hehe not quiet sure where that came from lol, aye been playing ff14 still so much work to be done there and way to consolish shame really looked promising ^^

  2. made me laugh 😉 looked at FF but was never really tempted to try out even though I loved some of the old games (even given the fact that I *had* to play a teenage boy and some of the dialogue used to make me puke ;))

  3. Lol made you puke yeah some of the dialog was a tad ott hehe couldn’t find the right word think my sub to ff14 will be cancelled before I start getting charged lol tell you what I’m impatently waiting for diablo 3

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