questing, exploring, harvesting

I’ve been casually questing in LoneLands and North Downs recently, every time I think I have cleared some space in my journal I find another set of quests 😛  To off set the questing (and to slow it down a bit) I have been going off harvesting which also gives me a great excuse to go and see what’s over there… generally its trouble I walk into but still a huge amount of fun.  Its great when in-game graphics make you feel scared in RL (in the ooh this is scary but give me more style of horror moves ;))

Here are a few screenies anyway 🙂

These are the ruins near Lake Starmere at night. The night sky in this game is superb.

Bree Winter Wonderland. This is from the Skirmish tutorial which I have half heartedly started.

As I approached these ruins, the skies got darker and everything got spooky and glowy - great 🙂

whilst scaring myself in the West Fields of Fornost, I nearly ran straight into this guy *eeeeeeeeek!*

This looks just so atmospheric - I'm going to make Dimzad come here with me though

Doesn't that look ominous? (Eastern side of North Downs)


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