a break you say?

as I’ve said before, EQ2 certainly knows how to do housing…  EQ2 decorators has a preview of items currently on test and I’m drooling 😛

So self imposed break or not… looks like I’ll be popping back 😉


4 comments on “a break you say?

  1. I thought the housing gardens might draw you back… 🙂

    Will be good to see you in EQ2 again. See if you can convince the rest of that delinquent family of yours to come back too – the guild’s not been the same without you guys.

  2. I have to whole heartedly agree with Kyral.
    Missing you, that gnome of yours, your healer relative and that stinky Paladin that she appears to taken in 😉

    Truely the guild isn’t the same without you all.

    Hope the gardens can lure you back, if even only for a short while.

  3. aw ty 🙂 well emaimee is still subbed and will be back when she has time (or for short term evenst with house items she just *has* to get like me ;)) I’ll probably pop back when nights of the dead / next gu goes live.

    Dimzad / Ashenshugar…. don’t think you’ll see Dimzad till the next expansion and I don’t know about Ash…

    @kaity ooh yes i have been keeping up to date with your thread – thanks 🙂

    miss you all too x

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