wishing for safe fall

I am journeying steadily through Middle Earth, I am now level 27 and am questing in North Downs and the Lonelands.  I am really enjoying exploring a new, if familiar, world and its nice taking my time and exploring with no rush to end game.


I was exploring and climbed up to these ruins near Lake Starmere. What a view! I'm not 100% but I think that is Weathertop in the far distance...

I am missing a few things from Everquest 2 though.  Most keenly is probably safe fall 😉  I have died quite a few times just from simply throwing myself off things…  it is a hard skill to get used to *not* having.   After experiencing house customisation, I am also slightly underwhelmed by the housing in Lord of the Rings online.  It is very restricted in terms of placement and number of items.  Having said that, the houses and neighbourhoods theirselves are very nicely designed (both in terms of aesthetics and practicality).  Although a stable near or in the neighbourhoods would be very welcome.

I am enjoying the Hunter class very much here.  The travel options for the class are just fantastic and useful and she seems to have reasonable damage capabilities.  I haven’t grouped up yet and don’t really intend to at the moment.  I did reach Rivendell by foot and I think it would have been impossible at level 7.



The questlines are a slightly strange mix of quite fun premises but with a whole lotta grind going on.  A lot of the quests are of the kill 10 rats variety but on the other hand I did help a tree escape from spiders which was pretty novel.

tree escape

that tree is actually moving...

there are a fair few ‘rescue’ type quests and these are, if I’m absolutely honest, very very annoying.  The npcs usually seem to be on some secret suicide mission and just tend to run at mobs and die…  Either that or perhaps they’ve been lobotomised?  You do feel quite exasperated in the end and think well no wonder you got caught 😛  Although that is a bit rich coming from a ranger/hunter who’s greatest talent is accidental multi-mob pulling 😀

Some everquest 2 news, they have added an outdoor decoration area to the large houses on test which look to be very nice (although I’m betting they will be in the way of my current decor :P)  Will definitely check those out.


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