epic ranger run

One of the things I like doing best in a new game is exploring and uncovering the map.  I will run, train and die (often) to get as far as I can.  So I decided that my lvl 7 hunter should visit Rivendell as I really wanted to go there.  This was on the f2p beta so I maximised use of the 24hr standard horse.

I didn’t actually do too badly, given that a) I was lvl 7 and b) I had no idea where I was going.

Getting through the Lone Lands was fairly easy so long as I stuck to the road and gave enemies a wide berth.

lone lands

Lone Lands:I was quite freaked out by high lvl mobs and ...watching... crows

I was very pleased with myself to see the zone line to the Trollshaws and took a deep breath for the next stage of my run.

to the trollshaws

yay! made it through the lone lands

This is about maybe halfway through the zone if I remember correctly.  I was starting to feel rather cocky about my little lvl 7 ranger making it this far when disaster struck (as is often the case with me ;))

south trollshaws

creeping through the trollshaws

I had had a message saying that I was in a zone far too high for my level and enemies would attack from further away than usual bla bla bla.  So I thought ok… even wider berth for nasty things then – bit of patience and skillful zigzagging and I reckoned I could make it.  Well I expect I bloody well could have if I hadn’t been bloody well aggro’d by a bloody herd of bloody deer.  Yeah you know, those bloodthirsty carnivores that are renowned for reigning terror on unsuspecting travellers*


so I pretty cross as I hadn’t thought to give DEER a wide berth.  So I revived… back in bloody starter place *cry*  Well a ranger (hunter) doesn’t give up that easily, so I then went on a mad run which took in Archet, Combe, Staddle, North Downs.  I got very close to Angmar but had to run away from something in the wrong direction (I found some big trolls – *that* was a fun run) before I was finally killed and I … gave up 😉

*there is precedent sadly.  I should have known better.  See this 1 page comic from EQ2 FTW for details 😉  and yes… that happened to me then too 😛


3 comments on “epic ranger run

  1. Lolol I think the thudering steppes deer herds have claimed many of an embarrased adventurer vaugly remember a certain swappy getting stomped on lol, how is lotro btw keep meaning to try it never got round to it lol

  2. lol yeah.

    I’m really really enjoying noodling around in lotro, the different areas (rolling farmlands, deep dark murky forests) are all really well done, tons of quests and of course moments like ooh i’ve just ‘met’ Strider! 😉 Seem to be able to solo most of it so far (haven’t tried any instances or dungeons).

    Its really nice just pottering around questing but there is obviously the kinship/group/raid aspect to it too which I’m not in the mood for at the mo 😉 When its f2p you could try it out – I don’t think you’ll really notice the restrictions until you get to lvl 20-25 or so. I ended up subbing 😉

  3. I remember I did a ‘low level run to Rivendell’, but on foot and I was much higher than 7 (maybe 17 to 20?), I made it, but only just, I seem to recall that near the end you go through some zig zaggy valleys where its hard to avoid aggro anyway.

    Rivendell is lovely.

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