trying not to gush

I’ve been checking out Lord of the Rings online and o… m….g…. it is beautiful…  Am kicking myself for not checking it out earlier.  I’m probably not to going to say much beyond that I already love this game and it will be hard to stick to dipping in and out of it 😉  So I’ll try and let the screenshots speak for themselves.


Bree (I just keep thinking of Constable paintings here)


I just loved the clouds (I wonder if they form shapes...)

celondim 1

Celondim: it looks like a place of reflection or meditation and is just stunning

celondim 2

and... a close up

celondim 3

I fell off a cliff (as per) and landed on this lovely statue 😉

celondim 4

the shadows seem to dance when in game


5 comments on “trying not to gush

  1. Sue! Didn’t know you were playing this. I hope you’re on snowboarn server (highest population server atm). I’m always playing there so if you’re there too send me a tell on either Marcus, Garris or Draygo (probably Marcus)

  2. woot! have just been checking it out at the mo – once F2P goes live, will definitely be playing on Snowbourn 🙂 will let you know char name ofc 🙂 Its nice to know we will have friends there.

    have to say… am thinking of buying game and subbing… but will possibly be sensible and play ‘free’ for a month to see how it goes 😉

  3. I played this for a while, as a boyfriend, his brother and two of their friends (all ex EQ2ers) played and talked me into it…. but they soon fell by the wayside. I can’t remember exactly why I stopped playing, but I think it was issues with soloing at higher levels, and the guild I was in disintegrated. Got a feeling I was on Snowbourn too, wonder how I can find out?

    It is a VERY pretty game though, but it just didnt seem to have the same depth of content you can solo that EQ2 has, which is one thing that keeps me going in EQ2.

    I will deffo be looking at it again with F2P, maybe I’ll even re-sub.

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