high dragon

Found some time for a little dragon age nerding.  I started by killing the dragon between the temple and the gauntlet (Urn of Ashes).  It was um quite a fight…  It was pretty challenging but I really enjoyed it.

as usual Suzita ended up tanking the mob (this screenshot was taken just after Alistair died, and I suddenly remembered I had previous for taking screenshots whilst fighting dragons and that it was a *really* bad idea ;))

suz dragon

however I revived Alistair with Wynne, only for him to steal the glory and get the cool finishing move 😛  bloody tanks 😛

show off

and its always nice to kill something and get a ton of lootage 🙂


I finished the Urn quest, nudged Alistair towards being King, did a few side quests and have now travelled to Orzammar to start the Dwarf quests.


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