Suzita #3

Although I haven’t had a lot of time for gaming, I’ve been fitting in some Dragon Age time as well as some EQ2.  Suzita the other ranger is back in action 😉


I had started again a while back as I made a few silly choices on her specialisations (ranged combat wasn’t working for me in this game – was too slow plus I did lose my first character when my laptop died)  I do like having the ranger pet though – firstly its very cool to have an animal fighting alongside you and secondly, they’re pretty uber (I often send the bear off to deal with mages and archers while the rest of the group deals with the melee / tough opponents).


My favourite party, at the moment, is Alistair (haha well of course :P); Wynne (she shines in the tough fights and I often control her rather than suzita at these times); and Lemmy the war dog.


I really like the character advancement for Rogues in Dragon Age.  You have general specialisations (for all classes) which includes persuasion, combat tactics, crafting poisons, healing salves, traps etc which are all mostly useful abilities.  Then you have the general Rogue lines, Ranger (and other specialisations such as Bard) lines, Ranged combat, Dual wield lines etc.  There are good choices all over the place and it really allows you to play in your own way.

I’m alternating between doing the main quest, downloadable content and side quests.  I’m up to the searching for the Urn in the main storyline, with the dwarves and elves quests yet to do.  I have been taking this game rather slowly as I have been really enjoying it and wanted to make it last but… I’m getting Awakenings for my birthday which seems to conclude the story (no Alistair though :() so I really should get a wriggle on (as this takes place after the end of Origins)


3 comments on “Suzita #3

  1. Hehe been playing this when I have time saskay is an arcane warrior/blood Mage if you ever go down the Mage route mana clash deals with those pesky mages very quickly :p

  2. Lolol that would be amusing :p tho if you time mana clash right you can 1 shot a room full of mages hehe all you can here is the funny hurty sounds oh little tip also if you wanna unlock blood Mage and reaver specialisations save before you get to the point of no return unlock then reload and you unlock it and can still go the path you wanna go ;p

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