I’m downgrading my EQ2 subscription from Station Access to the normal sub.  Its mostly down to the fact that as I don’t now play any other SOE titles and don’t have time to play 7 characters let alone 12, it is a waste of money.  And at the moment, I really don’t feel like giving SOE any more money than I need to.

So I’ve been having a prune and sort of my alts.  I am left with Suzita, Saraya, Tanzi, Asirra, Merla (now a Fury), Pickle and Periwinkle (now an illy).  I have Lanegan as my 8th character as she is a 90 jeweller, even though I don’t think I’ll ever play a bruiser.

I think the spring clean was overdue – it feels a lot better 😉


4 comments on “downsizing

  1. You know, if you no longer have station access, you can still access all 12 characters even if you still can’t see them on the char select screen. Just /camp to them in game and voila, they will log in. The 7 toons on your character select will constantly change based on the last 7 you logged in as but all 12 are available to you unless of course they RMT that one day.
    Wish I had known this early on so I wouldn’t have subscribed to SA for as long as I did. Could’ve just had it for a month, cancelled back to $15 subscription and had 12 toons from that point on.

  2. hi 🙂

    thanks for your comment. I had heard rumours of this and it will be handy as I couldn’t prune to less than 8 (which is more than enough for me at the moment ;))

    I didn’t like playing a ratonga in the end (fizzi) and my paladin – all my guildies said who? when I said I was deleting her (so clearly was overdue to be pruned) and Perwinkle was a lvl 12 mystic who I was finding pretty painful to lvl, so no hardship starting her over as an illy – and in fact I’m having a lot of fun levelling her in Halas 🙂

  3. And I have trouble keeping up with 2 level 90 characters! Have a bunch of low level alts that I need to level someday. Seems like a good idea to get station access and then downgrade to keep all characters, I didn’t know that could be done 🙂

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