Halls of Fate

I am slowly noodling my way through the Blood of the Brood signature quest with Tanzi and last night I decided it would be fun to solo through Halls of Fate mentored to lvl 75.  Well it was fun, but was also rather slow…  I had soloed this zone ages ago with Suzita (at lvl 80) and was huge fun and rather easy (felt very good to solo Sothis!)  Slightly different story with Tanzi though – I guess the lack of AA and properly upgraded spells will account for this though.  I also must have had a brain freeze as I realised near the end that there is a guild group running through this zone tonight 😳

Tanzi did deal with most of the zone absolutely fine though.  I was really enjoying going through there.  I noticed a little mosaic on the floor (at the bottom of the spiral stairs) which I had never really noticed before and thought was rather nice:
dragon mosaic

I had to leave Ishtaran, the stun and huge damage were too much.  I went onto the drake room and this was the funnest part of the zone:

I think the nicest thing was they all died at pretty much the same time 😛

Luckily, at this point Dimzad had got home and agreed to log in Sullivan, his defiler, to help me finish the zone.  So much easier!  I was back to room pulling and silly tanking behaviour 🙂  I got my revenge on Ishtaran, got my updates from the goo, centurions and Sothis (and luckily, it turned out Dimzad also needed these updates too – so we’ll go on and do Palace of the Awakened together :)) and finished the zone.
tanzi & sullivan

I have so many fun memories of this zone though.  Especially with Sothis.  I remember we used to drag him up to the drake room to kill him so we had more time before the sentinel droags arrived, trying to co-ordinate who threw the flaming droag potions at them.  I think I used to pull him for the tank on occasion too with not-exactly-a-miracle shot which was a nice mix of feeling useful and being in danger 😉


2 comments on “Halls of Fate

  1. I’m looking forward to the HoF guild group tonight… if I can make it. In fact Matt set it up after a convo with me, shame I cant get to the Hoo’luk steps before HoF done beforehand though.

    Even so this will be the first time I would have grouped with my Trouby, Varleyne, as a fully operational member of a group in a zone in her level range.

    Actually feel a little nervous about it, as many of my caster focused group songs are not experts or greater and that I lack the experience of buffing a group in anger. At least her gear isnt so bad, although it is all crafted/broker sourced.

    Should be fun regardless.

  2. don’t be nervous – you’ll be just fine 🙂 it’s the nice thing about guild groups – we’re more about the fun rather than judging each other or min/maxing our way through.

    just have fun 🙂 and I’m sure it can be run again when you do get to that stage with Hoo’luk.

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