favourite duos

no, not Elton John and Kiki Dee (how very dare you!) but rather a look at some of my favourite class duos to go out and storm stuff with 😉  Its restricted to my mains and those classes I have duoed a lot with, so a very lopsided look and not comprehensive at all 😉

Ranger and

*Paladin.  All bow to the fabulousness of Amends.  The ranger can go all out, the pally can stand there soaking up damage and healing and lets not forget that pallies have pretty good dps theirselves.  Oooh and aoe fun too 🙂  I would imagine SKs are also a pretty good partner too.

*Warden.  Emaimee and I have duoed some fun stuff (including trying to farm to Shard of Love for those sodding wings).  Her heals are awesome and she puts out some great dps too.  Emaimee is also very skilled at healing a ranger on the run (*cough* she’s had some practice, possibly most notably in Protector’s Realm when I kited the harm touch skelly 2.5 laps of the room :D) Munu and I duoed Rungupp, and the addition of her slows, roots etc combined with mine, meant he died a few foot away from us – fun!

*Wizzy/Fury.  Root and nuke, combined with ranger dps, slows and stuns for when they break.  This duo is a lot of fun, though a little slower for the ranger (you keep getting told off for breaking the root :P) but the high risk element combined with the high dps is fun fun fun.   Poxridden (Ash’s wizzy) and Suzita had a lot of fun farming for one of the pages in Mistmoore Catacombs – when the roots break, it definitely keeps you on your toes getting the mob off the wizzy and kiting it until the root is back on (and so on and so on as the ranger breaks the root again :P)  When they are rooted though, it is like the mob is watching a tennis match as the aggro switches between the wizzy and ranger.  Fury is very similar but obviously less dps than the wizzy but they have great heals for when it all goes pear shaped.

*Zerker.  They have an honourable mention here.  A formidable duo even if the aggro has to be watched more than with a pally but even so, they do have great dps and aggro holding abilities.  They also seem to have a fair few tricks up their sleeve, just when you think they are going to die, their health suddenly start climbing… yay!

Inquisitor and

*any dps tank.  Most notably for me, Dimzad’s zerker.  We have duoed some fun stuff.  The inquisitor’s in-yer-face combat, great melee buffage and heals matches very well and it is fun standing toe-to-toe with the tank.  I’m pretty sure we duoed Shard of Fear back in the day.

*swashie.  Again the above mix works very well with a swashie.  I had a fun time duoing Halls of Fate with Kajen while Saraya was still levelling to the then cap of 80.  I would think any melee class would also work well.

Shadowknight and

*defiler.  These seem to work very very well together, the buffs and debuffs seem to fit very well.

I haven’t duoed much with Tanzi as I am still gearing her up and working on her AA 😉


2 comments on “favourite duos

  1. Back on Najena (the server) I duoed my Necro, Lyndrah, with my then boyfriends Defiler, Hahagens (whom my Tank pet is named in honour of) for a time. The combo worked really well, even at level 70 we were able to solo places which needed a full group, but this was back before Necros were nerfed.

  2. its always nice when you can duo stuff which is meant to be grouped 🙂 I’ll remember this and drag Sullivan out, if I ever dust Pickle the baby necro off (haha sorry Dimzad :P)

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