still working on TSO sig quest ;)

Last night I took Saraya into Guk: Lower Corridors with Dimzad (zerker) & Eduthooha (guard) as Dimzad needed the quest updates for the TSO signature line.  We were lacking a little in DPS especially as Dimzad rather likes room pulls which meant I had to heal (oh the shock and horror!) but we did get his updates plus the sense of urgency achievement for the zone.  We didn’t kill Furdip (and therefore, the final named) as it was too difficult to jump through the script hoops with just the 3 of us but was still fun.

We’re into Veksar tonight, hopefully with 2 groups going, as Suzita needs the Veksar update for the TSO line.


2 comments on “still working on TSO sig quest ;)

  1. hehe same here, we actually went to halls of the fallen this past weekend and also got some dark mail gauntlet updates too. I didn’t realise that we’d have to go to all 3 Guk zones to finish up this quest line till a few days ago! Should be fun though!

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