AA weekend and other goodies

I have to say that so far this weekend’s Adv, TS & AA boost has been absolutely phenomenal!  Thank you SOE and lets hope there is another american celebratory weekend coming up soon 😉

I’ve been concentrating on Asirra’s AA, as she was retired when level 80 and 140AA were the cap and so she is very lacking in AA.  At the beginning of the weekend, she had 168AA – today she has 187AA (omg!) after finishing off the quests in SF and starting on the Moors.  With a day or so left as well – absolutely unbelievable!  I just wish next weekend was like it too as Tanzi is also low on AA but I just don’t have time to do both characters.

We have nearly cleared Veeshan’s Peak as a guild.


Just Druushk and Milyex Viorem left.  Its not clear at this stage whether we’ll bother to go back (and get Trak access) or whether to look at the x2s or possibly even try the easy versions of raid zones in SF.  We do have a few trophies still to get for our Hall, so it would be nice to have the set (well at least the older content ones ;))

We did a run through Maiden’s a little while ago for Kwersa’s epic (Ash’s coercer) and the horrible pink hat dropped – so we made Cerebro wear it as he won it… very fetching

ooh pink

Finally I ran Suzita through the new druid ring quest (from Kurista at Stonebrunt Highlands once all druid rings have been restored on your server) and was very surprised at who turned up and am very intrigued by the hints she gave…

firiona vie

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