level 90 again ;)

Dimzad and Saraya got to level 90 (zerker & inq) last night – yay!   This is the 3rd character I have now run through the SF/SH timelines (Dimzad too).  I do much prefer this questline to the Moors though – it feels a lot more like questing in RoK.  The mobs aren’t too tightly packed, there are shortcuts you can take when travelling, and for most of the series you can be updating a number of quests at once.  I haven’t actually completed the timeline on any alts though…  and Asirra and Saraya still need to finish the Kerra/Hua Mein line so they can be offered the solo mark quest.  Its much quicker to get marks through the instances but being able to top up with this quest if needed is handy.

Each time through has felt different though.  Suzita just flew through it, soloing away quite happily. Out-of-retirement Asirra crawled her way through with bloody determination and much swearing.    Dimzad and Saraya…. just stormed through cracking jokes and feeling invincible.

I think the nicest thing about getting alts to 90 is the small store of heirloom goodies waiting for them.  Once Asirra gets her enervated myth, she will be very closely geared to Suzita (quite shocking really) and Saraya doubled her crit chance and casting speed – which is fantastic 🙂

Oh I think I forgot to mention that Saraya got her myth 😉  Will need to upgrade it to the enervated though as the effect currently affects T8 spells – but was fabulous to finally finish the quest!

We have a few events on this week.  Back into Veeshan’s Peak for a few more myth updates for people, and a group night on Saturday if the World Cup doesn’t get in the way 😛  I will try to get something going on Saturday for anyone who prefers gaming to football – it may end up being something fun rather than an SF instance though 😉

On a RL note, still much decorating is still going on but the worst disruption is now out of the way 🙂


7 comments on “level 90 again ;)

  1. thank you and thanks for stopping by 🙂

    Dimzad (the zerker) is played by my boyfriend so tbh I’m not sure about the AA… I will ask him though and see if I can get something posted 🙂

  2. Grats on 9o – again, lol! You’re really flying through the high-end stuff. Took me almost 5 years to get my first character to level 90, and the rest are all 60 or lower 😛

    On a side note, thanks for arranging the guild groups. I’ve really enjoyed the ones that I’ve attended. This Saturday won’t work for me (b-day party and nothing at all to do with the footie, hehe), but looking forward to the next one 🙂

    And I take it RL decorating isn’t nearly as much fun as in EQ2, huh 🙂

  3. thank you and you’re welcome – I do enjoy the guild event nights, they’re normally good fun 🙂 have fun at the party (and happy birthday if its yours!)

    I would pay good money to be able to decorate at home like I do in game…. a RL cursor would be so handy and much less hard work!

  4. Victor

    spoke to Dimzad and he suggested:

    Warrior tree – INT first, then STA (if using a shield), then STR to 2nd or 3rd ability

    Beserker tree – ignore most of it except the right hand side – clicky beserk ability line

    Shadows – 1st line – health power as standard 😉
    2nd line enhance rescue, sneering assault and offensive prowess are all good

    hope that helps 🙂

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