busy busy busy

Hmm there is a lot to do in game at the moment…  I’ve been doing my daily adorning tasks with Suzita (and got her 400 collection achievement at last – I really wish the title had been Shiny Hunter rather than collector though), have levelled Asirra to 87 and got all her enervated myth updates bar Cella*, I tanked a mentored version of Scion of Ice with Tanzi last night for some of our newer members, checked out the Halas City Faire items (liking the flooring and the goblets esp) and haven’t done the follow up Marr quest or really grinded any tokens for the Druid ring event…  Oh yes and Lanegan is now lvl 85 jeweller….  too much to do! lol

all good fun though 🙂

*I think I missed out the marathon effort of getting Asirra’s epic too – thanks to everyone who helped, esp those who came along to Chelsith *shudder*


2 comments on “busy busy busy

  1. Congrats on another epic! And yes, seems like there is a lot to do with the city festival and druid ring events! Sadly I have not gotten extra tokens during the crafting quests, but will keep trying 🙂

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