a halfling in new halas

I packed up the old Periwinkle’s frostfell house, deleted her (she was only lvl 12) and restarted her in New Halas.

She is now lvl 10 and has quested up to the pilgrim campfire (so not very far through).  I am enjoying the story of being washed up on this island and then working to repay the kindness of those who saved her and am now assisting some pilgrims on their way to Erollisi’s Shrine.  There are some really nice rewards (e.g. a very decent sized harvest storage box for your bank vault which weighs 9,999!) and some great npcs (I particularly love the halfling who wiggles his bum as he plays his flute ;))

I have also splashed out and bought her a 5 room house to recreate her Frostfell home.  So far the frostfell items & rime items are suiting the house perfectly.

I have also levelled Asirra to 85 now, and am hopefully going to be doing some stages of my epic quest.  She has a mix of new SF gear & T2 shard armour with some nice pieces waiting for her, so her epic (then enervated myth hopefully) will finally sort her out.

The daily adorning quest (available from your city tradeskill society) seems as though as its going to be very helpful to level adorning.  You get a at-level-quest to make 10 special adorn items, are given specific mats to make them and just provide the fuel.  When I did the quest yesterday, I’m pretty sure I got 10 skillups 🙂

There is also the new druid ring event to keep me busy.  Kalyyn passed me the hot tip of doing the crafting quests as these are the fastest way to earn tokens (there is a special fairly common counter event which rewards you with 3 extra tokens).  There are some nice new house item rewards (e.g. a magical sapling, sparkling gems) plus the imperceptible beauty items and house teleport pads are back 🙂

The guild also wasted Venril Sathir last night – well done all 🙂  Although this fight has been made easier since I last did it (no upper power limit), there are still quite a few hoops to jump through and it is still a fight where bad luck or a brain freeze can cause the raid to wipe.  Was great to have taken him down as a guild.

We will be going and sticking our noses into Veeshan’s Peak quite soon.  There are some fun fights in here and it should be good fun 🙂


3 comments on “a halfling in new halas

  1. I restarted Luaine (my barbie mystic) in Halas and she is already 19 now. I’ve really enjoyed the Halas quest lines so far and surprised how long it is, how much there is yet to go, and this is even with adv xp turned off for a while to slow things down.

    I got her a 3 room Halas home and am looking forward to decorating it, just wish I had the house item knowledge of the rest of you, it helps to know whats actually out there to decorate with!

    Would be interested to hear about the ts counter that gives three extra tokens.

  2. this is the house decorators bible http://eq2decorators.com/objectgallery.html
    it has almost every house item in game listed 🙂 great for inspiration or finding furniture to match etc 🙂

    the ts counter is basically one of the events you have to counter from time to time whilst crafting (the different pictures that pop up under the crafting bars) if that makes sense 🙂

    dont forget the city fair that is currently on in Halas (till 7th) has some very nice items which will suit Halas houses very well (*if* they’re to your taste ;))

    ty for commenting

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