the other predator

I’ve started levelling Asirra now.  It was pretty hard at first (re-spending my AA points really helped though :P) but I started getting back into the swing of it.  She is very badly geared and hasn’t been played (beyond crafting) since around Spring 08 partway through the ROK expansion.  I was trying to remember why I’d stopped playing her and I’ve just realised that I was pregnant at the time I stopped and I had very little motivation to play the game, let alone try and gear up 2 predators 😉  I didn’t pick her up later as I was levelling Saraya and thought a healer would be more useful than another dps class.  It is fun dual wielding again though.

Anyway, her gear is a blast from the past and it was actually quite fun looking at it even though I was slightly embarrassed to be out and seen in it.  No epic yet but she does have Carotidcutter (woot!), is still wearing Necklace of Shadowy Strikes (hoo yeah!) and other assorted now-completely-rubbish gear.  Fortunately Suzita had a few pieces of jewellery she could pass on and I think I have enough shards to make a few pieces to bolster her gear up a bit.  Will wait for the GU and the changes to shard armour first though.  The assassin epic timeline is a total PITA though… lots of individual kills here and there (which aren’t soloable by me, so involves dragging guildies around).  I got some done last night (thanks to Dimzad, Kalyyn, Seabreeze, Shraed & Ujanna).  One of the kills was in Estates of Unrest and it was a lot of fun blasting through there.  I do love that zone 🙂  I think though, the worst part of the Assassin epic is the fact I have to go back into Chelsith…  I had let it be known within guild, that SOE had perma-banned me from the zone and I was never able to go in there again (I’m not – have just got so sick of the stupid zone and is a running joke now ;)).

I do feel slightly crazy at the moment as I will still be playing suzita, am trying to level saraya (but am levelling her with dimzad, so that is as and when we have time), would also like to level tanzi (but sposed to be waiting for sullivan – dimzad’s defiler so that won’t happen for ages :P) and now have brought the assassin out…  Still at the moment, there’s not a huge amount of gear upgrades to be had from heroic zones, and with it being heirloom can always snag stuff for alts on occasion.


One comment on “the other predator

  1. Chelsith!!! Actually went there last week or so to help a guildmate with the coercer epic and we trio’d the entire zone – was pretty easy compared to how hard it used to be! Seems like you have a lot of alts to pick from, will keep it interesting 🙂

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