a strange human…

I was online with Saraya yesterday lunchtime when we had a system message ‘a strange human can be found at Sinking Sands docks’.  So I ran over there, thinking ooh what’s this! and found a GM there along with a rapidly increasing crowd.  We were all chatting for a bit and trying to find out why he was there.  I asked why he was strange and he cast a spell and he ended up like this:

strange human

pretty cool lol.  It turned out, as I’m sure you’re all aware, that he was giving out the prelude quest I mentioned in previous post.  I had already picked it up from the NPC which was a shame.  Still glad I was nosy and went along though.

I love the vision zones (like the anniversary event, new tradeskiller signature quest).  It would be perfect to make a home for a mage there I think.

mith marr

I’ve started levelling up Asirra (assassin).  She’s level 80 with 150AAs so fairly respectable really seeing as I haven’t played her for a couple of years.  I did enjoy playing her but got a bit fed up with going after the same items twice (problem with having 2 preds :P)  So anyway, have decided to stop worrying about it and just do what I feel like.  I think Asirra and Saraya will be fun to play and Suzita will still be played.  I think as well as all the class problems and seeming lack of gear upgrades, I just need a change is all 🙂


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