quick catch up

We’ve had a couple of runs into Research Halls and Conservatory and my pile of marks is growing again.  We ended up finishing at a time when we could squeeze a quick zone in before we all logged and suddenly remembered we hadn’t been back to Emperor’s Atheneum since the level cap raise.  We never had managed to kill the set of last 4 linked nameds so it was a lot of fun to go back in and just simply blast our way through.  Was nice AA too.

I’m looking forward to the Halas pre-event going live (A Vision of Valour) and I can’t believe Halas is just round the corner now.  I think its aimed at going live on the 25th (26th for our EU servers I suppose).  I am going to re-start Periwinkle there but I think I will leave it a week or so to avoid the worst of the bunfight 😉


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