decision time

I’m at a crossroads at the moment.  I am really really unhappy with the state of the ranger class at the moment (and it has to be bad if it is noticeable on a non raiding ranger).  Ok soloing is absolutely fine and although its nice to do when the mood strikes – I personally don’t play an MMO to solo.  When I look at parses, I *know* that my dps has dropped.  Even though I can still put out good numbers, I’m seeing classes which were nowhere near me in terms of dps previously, now putting out as good or better.  I know it isn’t all about numbers but what else does a ranger do?  (well my guildies would probably point out ranger pulls here :P)  I’m starting to think that if I’m doing x amount of damage as a ranger, what on earth would it be as an assassin?  So I’m mulling over the following choices:

  1. stick my head in the sand and carry on blowing through arrows for mediocre dps
  2. lvl up my assassin and see what she is capable of (I swore she was retired lol)
  3. switch to Saraya my inq (am working on her anyways)
  4. lvl up fizzi and sit at the back as utility

I have played her for nearly 4 years, it is sad but perhaps it is time for a change.


4 comments on “decision time

  1. Pretty much the main reason why my gaming has all but come to a stop. I had finally found a class that I loved playing and that I could play well and then we got trivialized with this last expansion.

  2. Does enjoyment = dps output?

    If so, then consider levelling your swashy. If not, then ignore the numbers and just have fun with your favourite character. Believe me, your regular group of friends are not worried about your dps, but rather about you being there and all having fun together 🙂

  3. Hi Rao, thanks for stopping by. I’m still hopeful that things may change in the future – there are so many betrayals / retirings, I’m really hoping they’ve noticed.

    Thanks Kyral. I am very lucky that my guildiesfriends are all about the fun and not the numbers. So just having fun and not worrying about it is still a viable option 🙂

    but… enjoyment = dps output? that’s the big question 🙂 It certainly comes into it and I think it is a significant part of why I enjoy playing her but its not the only reason…

    Perhaps I’ll just concentrate on Saraya slightly more for now – get her levelled and geared (as I was intending to anyway – she is also a lot of fun :)) and see what happens. Suzita will always be my main… whether she’s played the most or not 😉

  4. From my standpoint, I like to say that dps does not equal enjoyment. I’m always fond of saying that my enjoyment comes from knowing I am contributing in a positive fashion. I feel bad about taking up a group spot when I know there are others who could contribute as much dps and add utility or contribute more overall dps than I can.

    Then I consider that perhaps I am not being totally honest since I went to the ranger from the dirge class. I don’t think too many people will argue that dirges and troubs contribute a ton to all groups and raids and yet I was determined to leave that class behind and never look back.

    I think that perhaps I was more burned out than what I was aware of and that the changes to the ranger class coupled with an expansion that I didn’t particularly care for were just the openings I needed to back away.

    Who really knows though. I’m trying to not worry too much about it and just enjoy the time I’m online when I happen to log on. The rest will work itself out over time.

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