return to tt & vigilant

I had run through the new questline in KOS with Suzita, Saraya and Tanzi but I hadn’t mentored down or done any of the new quests which have been added to these zones.  So last night I thought I’d dust off my baby illy Fizzi and start working through them at level to see what they’re like.

It took me a little while to get back into the swing of rooting and mezzing and I was a good half hour in before I realised I hadn’t re-spent my 86 AA points 😳  In the end though, I didn’t get much further than the first quest as I ended going into Sanctum of Scaleborn with some guildies.  As Fizzi was level 58, she got some mentor love and was a good level to start the zone.  After killing our way through a few times, she was level 61 lol  I was glad to have a bit of a boost with the levels as it will make questing through KOS a little easier.  We were surprised though, the zone was really busy – full of small ish groups running round getting xp and aa.  It was nice to see the zone so busy again after being practically dead and it was a fun way to lvl up a bit.

Friday night we had gone back into Vigilant: Incursion and this time round we got our revenge and cleared the zone.  We did have a couple of wipes, but was a much faster run than previously and the final named went down on the 2nd attempt.  It was good fun even though we only got 1 exquisite chest this time 😉  Afterwards we went into Conservatory for a fun blast round and I finally got to see this gorgeous zone on my new laptop 🙂

I think it is now just the last 2 Vigilant zones & the Erudin Palace zone left to clear.


One comment on “return to tt & vigilant

  1. I visited SoS recently to work on Claymore and there were quite a few people running around! Good to see some activity in the older zones. 🙂

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