more AA & other ramblings

We had a very successful run into Spirits of the Lost (a special raid zone of Cazic Thule).  There ended up being 20 of us taking part (wow!) and we blasted through the zone, gratsing left, right and centre as people gained AAs and loot.  Tanzi got nearly 3 AA points out of the zone, which is just fabulous.  The Venekor fight didn’t go so smoothly, as he was pulled in by aoes (lol) so there were a few deaths during this fight.  It was huge fun though as he nearly wiped us, but our healers worked hard and we succeeded despite laughing like loons.  I didn’t manage to get any screenshots though which is a shame.

We did have a few people along who were at level (and if I’m remembering rightly) on their first character.   I do wonder what kind of experience it was for them.  When we do old content raids like these, they are purely for fun and social reasons.  We don’t care if we have a few comedy wipes or if the fight is very messy as, in our opinion, it just makes it that much more fun.   It must be a bit disconcerting though if you’re level 52 or so, seeing the overpowered mentored level 90s just blast through the zone.  All you can do is get one or two hits or heals off and the mob is dead and then the raid force is off running to the next target.  To then have the sudden contrast to Venekor & his sentry (who still have very nasty stuns & stifles) where all of a sudden you’re having to work quite hard and people are dying, must be quite a shock.

The night before the raid, a group of us went off to Library of Erudin (such a beautiful zone) and Research Halls.  Was a fun night.  It was a good job I had gone out (I was umming and ahhing about whether to go) as the marks I earned meant the total I had was ‘just’ enough to get 2 pieces of the T2 mark armour made.  I need to get my gear adorned with AGI etc, to get some yellow mark adorns, 1 charm slot item and I *think* that is as good as I can get Suzita’s gear until I get some lucky drops.   I am not very happy with my dps at the moment.  It has definitely fallen (comparing pre and post expansion here).  It may be a matter of gear or it may just be down to the state of the ranger class (not good :P)  We shall see.  I have seen so many rangers retire or betray its quite sad.  Well I shall carry on getting her geared up for now and see.  It does bring into question why I play her though – do I play her to do an awful lot of damage or do I just like the ranger playstyle?  I don’t know… I do know though if it was *just* wanting to be top of the parse I would have rolled an easy dps class by now or a FOTM *cough tanzi*  😉

I have added to the AA points useful info page too.


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