old zones and new zones

I really must try and tidy up that harvesting chart.  For some reason, a table just isn’t working very well in this theme.

We killed Pawbuster again on Friday night.  It didn’t go as smoothly as we had thought it would – the fight did seem possibly a little buggy.  We were slightly short of healers though so I did end up trying to heal and cure 1.5 groups and keep an eye on the main tank healers.  That was pretty hard.  We ended up killing him when a few ppl had to log and we were down to 2 groups…  was much easier then lol.

On Saturday we ended up doing some epic updates for Karnag (Ash’s briggy) and Sullivan (Glar’s defiler).  That was quite fun going back to some of the older zones, I took Tanzi along for some AA as there are still quite a few she hasn’t been in.

Last night we attempted Vigilant: Incursion for the first time.  Its a very different looking zone, very sci-fi in a fantasy way.  The trash in here is very annoying (invisible with huge aggro radiuses).  We did kill everything up until the last named and we got quite close to killing him too.  We will definitely get him down, I think our main problem last night was that we were all just too tired by the time we got to him.  Next time we’re in there, it will go a lot quicker too as we know the zone & strats now.  I did enjoy it though – was good fun.  We had 3 exquisite chests drop from the trash which was great!

Vigilant: Incursion – the engine?

vigilant 2

Vigilant: Incursion – the flight deck (or something).  There is a sort of force / magic shield / window which would provide a great view if only there was something in view 😉

vigilant 1


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