Harvesting Chart

Tier 1 / Min skill 0 / Level 0-9
Rare Loam: Solidified, Rare Metal: Bronze
Rare Gems: Rough Lapis, Copper, Rare Pelt: Waxed
Rare Root: Yarrow, Rare Wood: Alder

Tier 2 / Min skill 20 / Level 10-19
Rare Loam: Alkaline, Rare Metal: Blackened Iron
Rare Gems: Rough Coral, Silver, Rare Pelt: Cured
Rare Root: Sisal, Rare Wood: Bone
Imbue: Glowing

Tier 3 / Min skill 90 / Level 20-29
Rare Loam: Malleable, Rare Metal: Steel,
Rare Gems: Rough Jasper, Palladium, Rare Pelt: Cuirboilli,
Rare Root: Dandelion, Rare Wood: Fir,
Imbue: Sparkling

Tier 4 / Min skill 140 / Level 30-39
Rare Loam: Ductile, Rare Metal: Feysteel,
Rare Gems: Rough Opal, Ruthenium, Rare Pelt: Engraved,
Rare Root: Oak, Rare Wood: Oak, Imbue: Glimmering

Tier 5 / Min skill 190 / Level 40-49
Rare Loam: Fused, Rare Metal: Ebon,
Rare Gems: Rough Ruby, Rhodium, Rare Pelt: Augmented,
Rare Root: Figwart, Rare Wood: Cedar,
Imbue: Luminous

Tier 6 / Min skill 240 / Level 50-59
Rare Loam: Alkali, Rare Metal: Cobalt,
Rare Gems: Rough Pearl, Vanadium, Rare Pelt: Scaled,
Rare Root: Saguaro, Rare Wood: Ironwood,
Imbue: Lambent

Tier 7 / Min skill 250 / Level 60-69
Rare Loam: Spongy, Rare Metal: Xegonite,
Rare Gems: Rough Moonstone, Acrylia, Rare Pelt: Dragonhide,
Rare Root: Nimbus, Rare Wood: Ebony,
Imbue: Scintillating

Tier 8 / Min skill 340 / Level 70-79
Rare Loam:
Silicate, Rare Metal: Incarnadine,
Rare Gems: Rough Fire Emerald, Tynnonium, Rare Pelt: Dragonhide,
Rare Root: Mantrap, Rare   Wood: Mahogany,

Tier 9 / Min skill 375 / Level 80-89
Rare Loam: None, Rare Metal: Brellium,
Rare Gems: Ulteran Diamond, Kaborite, Rare Pelt: Spotted,
Rare Root:
Toxnettle, Rare Wood: Euctalypus,
Imbue: Ethereal


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