Firstly I think the idea to blog on a Tuesday and Thursday just isn’t going to work out 😉  Not enough time or too much time between for a start, so am going back to as and when I feel like it but I will be posting regularly.

Secondly, I was very surprised (and pleased!) to find that some of my posts had been linked to from EQ2 Player’s Town Crier.  I was slightly mortified/highly amused to realise that the first thing people saw was the title ‘green wormy thing’.  Thank you for the link.

Even with the copious amount of storage space that EQ2 provides (12 bank slots, 8 shared bank slots, 6 house vault slots, 6 broker slots – each of which can hold a 40 slot box or bag), I regularly find, on my main characters, that I am running out of space…  I was looking through Suzita’s storage to try and find things to get mute or sell to find some room (for more erm ‘stuff’ of course!) and found myself wondering just why do I keep all these items?  Generally the items are either unique or they hold memories.  I must have around 20 of the petrified eyes – with a collectible bone, they give you an illusory racial form.  In all the 4 years of playing – I have *never ever* used one of these…  This is just one example of many different illusion items I have kept just in case one day I fancied running round looking like a fae, troll pirate, wyvern, vampire etc etc etc.  I really should just be brave, decide that its unlikely I would ever want to look like an Iksar and just destroy them all.  Same with horrible house pets/items.  I have an evil eye trophy, a gangrenous hand, a pot of eyes for example, which in my opinion are just foul and its hugely unlikely I would ever actually use them in a house (although I have just had an idea of a fairground Haunted House… bah!)

Then there are the house items that I actually like but am not using.  I tend to only keep limited or rare items but even so, Oaphepia has a whole Qeynos mansion full of them.  This isn’t counting moonlight or city fair items which are squirreled about on various alts.

I have at least a boxful (probably 2) of items which I might use for appearance one day and a ton of cloaks.  Then there are the items that I worked hard to get.  The Crushbone earring for example.  Try as I might, at the time I could not solo the first named in Acadechism as he had a nasty stun.  As soon as I was stunned, that was it. Game Over.  So Poxridden (Ashenshugar’s wiz) farmed that zone with me, every day until the earring dropped.  Was fun and a fun memory (ranger/wizzy combo can be a lethal and fun, if quite risky ;))

Tradeskill items. Fortunately, I have read that the purrsonal harvest depot will be able to store the love notes, candy etc of live events with the next GU which is just marvellous and will ease the storage nightmare.  I haven’t even started with the Lore & Legend items, quest items which don’t disappear (and occasionally get turned into house items, Hrath’s Journal springs to mind), shinies, live event tokens, rares, zone items (e.g. sebilis staff of sounding), travel items (e.g. sokokar, return to splitpaw stone) and items you are saving to level muting.  I’m quite sure that’s not a comprehensive list as well.

As Suzita is my main, she tends to do everything and so has the most junk.  My alts fortunately seem to have less stuff but even so, seem to still have a lot of it.  I do wonder if everyone is as inundated with ‘stuff’ as I am or if I am just an awful hoarder who needs an intervention… 😉

3 comments on “hoarding

  1. I know what you mean! I have boxes and boxes full of seasonal event stuff that I don’t really want but don’t really want to get rid of either – not to mention my shared bank stuff is full of crafting harvestables that I’m way past using but keep just in case I ever have to make something from T1 or T2 🙂

  2. You’ll be glad to know you are definitely not the only one! There are boxes and boxes of items that I have sitting around that I definitely won’t be needing/using, but can’t being myself to get rid of. I have the gross pot of eyes too. Need more space! 🙂

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