another decorating post

As I mentioned in my last post, I have finished Saraya’s house and have now uploaded the screenies here.   This is possibly my favourite room though:


It is very peaceful.  After having thought that I had finished Saraya’s house, I realised that although I really liked the black marble kitchen it doesn’t actually fit with the rest of the house.  There are no white marble dividers on the broker (I wonder why :P) so it is a project which will sadly have to wait until the fair rolls round to Qeynos again.  My sister saw through my feeble ploy of suggesting that the black marble would suit her evil warlock’s garden much better and that we could switch her white marble for my black… oh well 😉  I do remember reading on the forums that other people also wished to have the local specialities available more often or each month and that it was rejected as the items were not meant to be readily available.  I can understand that, each month would be too much and having good and evil mix doesn’t seem right.  I do wish though, that they might consider having all good representatives at good fairs and evil representatives at evil.  I guess I’m going to have to be patient…

At least I do have other decorating projects to keep me occupied when I’m not out killing stuff.  Tanzi’s house (Neriak) is nearly finished, just really need another moonlight and the guild to ding 90 to finish.  Periwinkle will be restarted in New Halas soon with one of the beautiful new houses to decorate.  I also have my baby paladin’s house in Qeynos (currently storage) to decorate and I am planning to escape outside in Kelethin for Merla’s house and build….. something….


6 comments on “another decorating post

  1. Got some White marble dividers going spare!

    Munu made me buy them for my Alts guild hall then didn’t use them (some people just can’t make their minds up!).
    If you ask nicely then I might just pop them over for you.


  2. I love looking at everyone’s wonderful decorating jobs! Always good inspiration. I’m still working on my decorating 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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