green wormy thing

The big news for me this week is that I have finished Saraya’s house 😉  I am really really pleased with it – it has a very nice feel to it.  I will post screenies a bit later.

We killed Levi on Thursday – it was great to take it down as a guild and everyone did extremely well and the fight went very smoothly (well except for the beginning when I died before I even got eaten – it turned out that the medusa head was a-very-bad-choice-of-accessory for the night as it meant I was invisible in the water – Kalyyn couldn’t see me and thought I was inside, I just kept thinking oh he’ll heal me in a sec… lmao 😉 silly girl… why I didn’t say anything in raid I just don’t know, so tip of the day for being eaten by levi – speak up and don’t wear green ppl  ;))


Our guild event group night went very well.  We are lacking available healers at 80+ (or lacking healers which don’t also play needed classes like tanks) and as groups tend to be us four (myself, glarim, ema & ash) plus 2 of our lovely guildies, we were a bit worried about the situation as we have enough people to get 2 groups going quite often, just not the right classes online (generally, of late, a 2nd healer).  So we decided to hold 1 instance night a week, where I would bring Saraya out so we had a 2nd healer.  Its no big sacrifice on my part 😉 I’m simply getting her out and about a little earlier in the expansion than I would normally – she is huge fun to play and I can’t wait to get to 90 and get my cast speed um speedy!  Its also really nice to mix up the groups so we all get to meet up with different guildies and have a laugh.   Bit sidetracked there but anyway our group (Dimzad, Saraya, Woodyelf, Occitan, Ruari & Kool)  and as we were a mixture of lvls, we went off to Veksar and then to Runnyeye.  We had huge fun and blasted through the zones.  I settled back into healing mode (the running joke is that Saraya is too posh to heal ;)) and managed to mostly keep our group alive.

On Sunday night, suzita, ema, glarim, ash, occitan and ruari thought we needed a challenge, so we tried out Palace of Erudin.  The first part of the zone went absolutely fine, it was very funny with the constant mobs and we did eventually figure out how to stop them and killed the 4 fragments (this was after I’d helpfully ran around, found something clicky, thought that this must be some kind of off switch and said ooh click this as I died… only to have half our group zone out as it was the exit  😳 that was very funny)  We had assumed that the first named wouldn’t be able to be pulled into one of side rooms (to give us protection from wandering undead) as that seemed too easy – but um he could!  He went down very easily.  We went up to the next level, killed all the goats there and completed our mark quest.  Then it was Praun and friends.  We threw ourselves at them for a while and had a couple of good attempts but they were just too much.  Poor Ema, her healing was fantastic and I think her keyboard must have been smoking the amount of healage she was doing!  I think though that mob either needs a 2nd healer or we need to be more geared up.  It was good fun though.  We went into Research Halls after to claw back our egos and had fun blasting through there 😉

Finally, I’ve added a couple of suggestions to the AA page 🙂


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