Ok I have a new blogging resolution – I will posting here on a Tuesday and Thursday.  My aim is to make sure I post on these days but I may also post additional posts if I have time.

I’ve started the epic repercussions quest on Suzita now.  Am up to the Library part.  I’m feeling very unsure about completing this quest at the moment.  I have my mythical, it is a beautiful bow, I worked hard to get it and now I’m finding it hard to let go lol.  It is also the only bow with no minimum distance and I haven’t yet seen an upgrade that can be obtained via group content.  Although the Ritsy bow seems at least worth checking/trying out.  I know that the enervated bow + buff is exactly the same as the mythical… but it still seems hard to trade it in.  The big pull of handing in the quest is the fact that I do get my mythical bow house item and it would also make comparing bows easier.  Well I don’t have to make up my mind yet 😉  There is no such feeling with Saraya and Tanzi though – they will be converting their epics to the enervated versions as soon as possible.  Saraya may yet get her myth as she only needs Nexona and it looks as though we will be venturing into Veeshan’s Peak as a guild soon – whichever happens first I guess 🙂

Was trying to move along the solo stages of the epic repercussions & new signature/HQ quests with Glarim last night.  We got some done but still need to find that courier to pick up the Risty line of quests.  I think I need to write a To Do list page again to keep zones/goals in mind 😉

2 comments on “myths

  1. Hi Suz

    Ritsy is fairly easy to get to.
    2nd level of Roekil cave.
    The bow line is formed of 4 quests.
    The first 2 are soloable.
    Third requires minimum of 2 people as it requires killing names throughout SF (this is the step I’m on).
    Not sure on last step yet.

    Let me know if our up for doing this are we can run through it together (could even rope in Glarim, Ash & Ema- Woody is also up for it).


  2. heya. sounds like a plan 🙂 Glarim needs to catch up a bit, and I think Ash & Ema are a bit further ahead but I’m sure we can all get to same stage to finish – would be good 🙂 Had a closer look at the bow – won’t be a replacement for my myth but it does look like it might be a lot of fun for aoe goodness 😉

    we’ll shout once we’re on the 3rd 🙂

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