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I popped onto test and had a tour around the New Halas housing.  The houses are just stunning, completely beautiful…  I really want to decorate one of those houses!  The question is who though…  In my opinion, the large 5 bedroom house needs an established (or will be) character as you will need all those items you collect during your adventures.  Saraya and Tanzi can’t move there (plus they have the Freeport & Neriak houses) as they are evil and I have just finished and am completely happy with Suzita’s Kelethin house.  Which leaves Fizzi or Periwinkle really.  Fizzi is unlikely to be levelled (still can’t get the mage thing even with all the pretty lights and sparkles ;)) and Periwinkle is even less likely to be levelled (mystic and not levelled for time reasons rather than anything else) but she could be restarted in New Halas so I can experience the new questline and her house could be moved.  I think I *may* move both of them there!  Fizzi can have a large house (she has been questing her way up) and restart Periwinkle, have a smaller house with all the Frostfell items.

I also saw the new travel system which initially I had been a little worried about it being too simplistic but I think it will work well on the whole.  It keeps all the travel systems but there is now one travel map to navigate around.  Rather like the Oblivion map as I remember it, but needing to use a travel item to access.  I am a bit dubious about the fact that you now don’t need to visit druid rings, horse posts in order to be able to travel there – a lot of the fun when going to a new zone is exploring and finding your way around.  It will, however, be very handy for those alts that you forgot hadn’t collected the Commonlands shrub 😉

The bay windows and view are just lovely:


The inbuilt display shelves are a really cool idea:


As are the inbuilt shelves – though I keep thinking a widescreen tv would look great in that centre space ;):



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