AA points

I will add to this page as I remember / discover good ways to increase those AA points 😉

Chronomage quests – these are great as you get any disco or named AA available from the zone itself plus AA from the quest turn in itself.  So far I have found most of the zones soloable (unrest – you would need at least a 2nd person to unlock).  Generally the ones I group for are the higher level zones (e.g. Nizara, Unrest, Crypt of Valdoon) as the mobs either have a lot of stuns / mezzes or just so many mobs in the zone it takes forever 😉

Peacock line of quests.  Yes it can be tedious, the rune stage can be awful and its an epic fight to finish… but I was getting (this was when I had around 170AA points I think) around 5% per quest – not bad for a greyed out set of quests.  (I didn’t mentor for this as there was no such thing as a chronomage at the time, but if you did mentor there would be some more AA from nameds).

Claymore – again rather a long quest but the story is good.  I tended to do the solo bits grey and the group/epic portions mentored.

Ring of T’Haen – /claim this to start the quest.  The very first instance contains 14 nameds…. yes 14!  It is a fabulous hotspot for AA.  I think I mentored to level 40 and the zone was huge fun and I got nearly 2 AA points from it.

Achievements – if you work through the quest achievements (mentoring down), you get the AA from quests, any nameds you run across plus plenty of quest rewards / loot drops to level your muting too.

Moonlight events – this monthly 2 day event (starts at 8am (BST) on 20th and ends 48hrs after) involves a set of 5 very easy zones with a quest for each zone which gives a nice chunk of AA every month.  It is well worth doing every month and as a bonus you get the tokens to buy lovely garden items for your house 😉

Spirits of the Lost – the raid part of the Froglok timeline.  If you mentor down to around lvl 60, there are a ton of nameds in here.

Kaladim – I mentored down to level 40, was fortunate to have the zone to myself and had huge fun killing all the nameds.  With the quests you can pick up from Fort Irontoe, I think Tanzi got around 3 AA points (now in 140s).

Lvl 80 Lavastorm quests – these were the quests added in which lead to the repeatable quests for the crystallised essences and void shards.


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