light sabres & new zone

The prismatic raids on Saturday night went very well.  In fact they went so well that we ended up getting both Fire & Ice AND Deception done on the same night.  So given we’ve had a few runs of this now, we have practically a whole guild wielding their rainbow light sabres 😉  The night was a lot of and a lot of AA for Tanzi 😉

Wolfies in action with Darathar in flight overhead:


Last night, suzita, glarim, emaimee, ashenshugar went into Vasty Deep: abandoned labs with Occitan (Jianne’s dirge) & Ruari (warlock) – very very nice group – lots of buffage and aoe goodness 😉  This zone is just outstanding though!  We had a real blast in here (including some unsavoury-but-rather-funny jokes about the smears on the floor).  It was the first time that we had all been in the zone too.  I just loved the laboratory magi-tech feel to the place – it makes a really nice change.

The Rime Mare stables (zone was triple mark):


even our tank figured out which way to go 😉


magicomputers & specimen jars (ugh and more smears):




The library area with the massive book cases, raised walkways and underwater view has to be one of the most visually stunning places in game.  It is just beautiful.  The fight here was also huge fun – myself and Occitan ran around with the groups of adds on us, and someone in group was kind enough to sing the Benny Hill theme tune 😛 (the adds aggro scouts, so don’t engage when they appear – just run away in circles ;))


The rest of the zone we managed to clear fine (once we’d figured out that the Homunculus calls all the mobs in the room anyway lol) and then we were at the final named.  We ended killing the orclord and ravasect (as the drolvarg kept *cough* one shotting us with an aoe).  I think we had 3 attempts attempting the drolvarge and 3 actual attempts at parahwhatshisface.  It was funny, the last attempt went very very smoothly – practice I guess 😉

This is a great zone anyway.  I will be doing some Moonlight quests on Tanzi today (for AA) and will maybe do some decorating this evening as we have 3 nights of guild events coming up.


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