catching up again

I just don’t know where the time goes – I think its only a few days since I last posted and its more like a week 😉  ah well…  Been up to loads of stuff recently – continuing to have a lot of fun soloing Tanzi through a few of the chronomage quests and getting into new zones with Suzita.  Saraya has been on the back shelf a bit lately as I am levelling her with Dimzad, and we don’t seem to get much time to do that (grouping most evenings we are on!)  She will get there and now has a few nice healer items waiting for her too.

For my tanking debut for some silly reason I chose Nizara.  Yes that zone.  The one with large groups mixed in together and mobs which add through walls and ceilings 😛  It was huge fun though, had a great group (Emaimee (warden), Karnag (brig), Kool (assassin), Madros (wiz) &  Jarad (coercer)) and I think we only wiped twice.  It was the chronomage quest too and I think I got about 3 AA points from the whole thing 🙂

Outer Vaults
I think that’s what the 2nd Hole instance is called anyway 😉  I quite liked this zone, much better than Demitrik’s Bastion.  The nameds had quite fun scripts and I think the only one that gave us some problem was Crag (once we figured out the way to get the adds separated it was very easy).  Was Ashenshugar tanking, Emaimee, Glarim, Anselm & Eduthooha.  We took the epic down nice and easy too.   The little pets you get from killing the nameds were very fun and had some fun /say (Ranger down!… (again)) for example.  I had ‘Rotha’ the Ranger and for some reason it was stupidly exciting and fun to have a fellow ranger pet.

Rotha & Suzita


Spirit’s Resonance
We went into the final Hole instance last night (Ash, Ema, Glarim & Ijle & Woodyelf (bruiser & monk)).  I really enjoyed this zone.  We didn’t have too many probems figuring out the strats (or just using pure brute force) to kill most of the nameds.  The dragon did cause us to wipe a silly amount of times as the adds were overwhelming.  We ended up going around and killing them in their furnaces during the 1st phase of the fight (when he is still a ghost or wyrmy thing), and then went through the bull (haha) stages and dragon stage absolutely fine.  You do need some serious power regen for this strat though.  After the dragon, the final named was very easy, though it took a couple of gos for everyone to figure out what they needed to do.  I was possessed and went off and killed the books – it was quite funny seeing the possessed suzita say things like ‘has anyone got the parse?’ or more randomly ‘shall we do blackburrow after this?’.

We have a lot of events planned too – think there is WOE tonight, Fire & Ice raid (prismatic) tomorrow night, Sebilis run on Weds night, Chrono quest for Estates of Unrest on Thurs and then… Levi on Friday!  I’ve killed him a fair few times now on Suzita and Saraya and was really hoping that the Levi flag would have been removed from VP by now.  VP is such a fantastic zone though, it will be great for our guildies to get to see it and to clear it as a guild.  I’m hoping to take Saraya through VP as Suzita already has Trak access so would be nice for Saraya to get too but I don’t really mind so we shall see.


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