aoe goodness & some wittering

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Tanzi my SK (I’m not really sure it is wise having a ranger in charge of an SK but certainly makes things interesting :P)  I’ve been running through some old HQs and the Chrono quests mentored for AA reasons and it has just been so much fun.  Floor pulls in Nest of the Egg (I did that with Sullivan, Glarim’s defiler), General Drull? hah throw me some MORE mobs!! burn in my aoes of doom!  see? huge fun 😀  I looked at her gear though and realised that much of her jewellery is lvl 30-60 😳 so I guess I need to work on that.  I also compared the Rime horse to the Shard Bear mount and thought that 50 shards for a slightly lesser mount was a much better option than doing the Rime grind again.  It has 65% run speed so no real difference in speed but it just feels so much slower…  This was really bugging me until I realised that its the sound they make (I *think*) – the horse has a really nice brisk clip cloppy sound whereas the bear has a slower loping padding sound.

enough wittering for now 😉


One comment on “aoe goodness & some wittering

  1. heh who would have thought that the sound and movement styles actually make a difference and trick us into thinking one is faster than the other? 🙂

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