We went into WOE last night – we had a pretty good raid setup and the mobs went down very quickly and easily (thank goodness seeing as we’re 10 lvls higher than the intended lvl :P)  I fell down the hole with Digg twice (stupid ranger bouncing about lol) and aside from a couple of wipes on Aiden, I think that was roughly it for deaths 🙂  Aiden did take a couple of practice runs before we got the strat down pat – was a fun fight though I know it was a pita before the lvl cap raise (had watched on Glarim’s screen).  I won some T3 gloves which are a small upgrade until I start getting the T2 mark gear and got a new personal record for sniper shot at 72k.  Was a fun evening.

Have also started levelling Saraya with Dimzad and they are both now level 82 and am trying to get AA points for Tanzi as she only has 110 or so.  Lots to do 😉


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