catch up

I haven’t posted on my in game activities for a while so thought I’d catch up quickly!

Suzita has reached level 90 and is starting to get some upgraded gear.   I’m seeing some changes with my ranger which don’t currently seem to be working out for the best.  My auto attack % has dropped from 40% to 30%  overall despite my double attack going from 55% to 95% and crit from 50% to 90%.  Comparatively multi-target dps has increased and single target has dropped.  Although I’m still managing to do ok  on the parser at the moment, it is starting to feel as though I am working very hard to do ‘ok’ dps.  I will try and gear her up to see how that improves things but given the auto attack problems, the fact that flurry & aoe auto attack doesn’t affect ranged (and the host of other problems detailed on the ranger forums) – its not looking very good.  I know the game isn’t all about the parser but playing a ranger class in a group – what else do we bring but dps?  And if I’m honest its what I love about the ranger – sneaking, tactics and…. all out offense 😉   If the ranger problems aren’t looking to be fixed soon I may switch mains for a while rather than bang my head against a brick wall.

We’ve been doing a few TSO zones at lvl 90 (loot doesn’t seem too bad there) and have also been into Research Halls, the Library & Demitrik’s Bastion.  Lots more to see 🙂  I think suzita, glarim, ashenshugar & emaimee are going to have a night tying up some old HQs / heroic quests.  We are all pretty much at the same stage so there won’t be very much faffing about catching ppl up and we just zoom around and get some quests out of our journals .

Saraya is a level 90 carpenter now and I will be levelling her with Dimzad very soon.  With all the stat changes, she should be even more fun to play 😉

I’ve also re-decorated Suzita’s house and aside from 1 downstairs room, I am really really happy with the results.  I will post some screenies soon.


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