EQ2 wiki has a full list of mounts available in game – both quested and bought.  I will just note a few quested mounts here though which are particularly worth looking at.  The horses bought from the Stable merchant can also be good but do cost a chunk of money and status…

  • Any level:  Moonlight Enchantment Event carpets(Dryad Grotto) or unicorns (Fay Grotto).  Cost 1 token, 20 uses lasting 24 hrs and give a speed of 40%
  • Any level: Until 22 March, 2010 the Brew Day carpet.  Increases speed by 30%
  • Level 47 + Carpet of El’Khazi.  Increases speed by 40%
  • Level 55 + Dire Wolf timeline.  Increases speed by45%, costs just under 5plat.
  • Level 57+ Cloud Mount timeline.  Increases speed by 45%.  Mostly soloable – a few steps will need help if done at level.
  • Level 70+ Rilissian Soldiers Mount – from quest line which ends with Infiltration System.  Increases speed by 55% (+ stats)
  • Level 70+ Icerime Mare – Order of Rime timeline*.  Increases speed by 68% (+ stats)

*The Order of Rime timeline is quite complicated and can take a fair while to complete grinding repeatables and some individual quests.  This is to raise faction with the Order of Rime so that you can buy the horse (other items are also available).  It is worth it to get the horse.  My advice with this timeline is to firstly realise that you have to do the ‘anti-Rime’ quests in Kylong Plains and Fens of Nathsar in order to get the Sleetsaber Illusion which you need to be able to pick up the Rime faction quests. I do the timeline up until I get the Soldiers Mount.  I then do the anti-Rime quests in Kunzar Jungle (from the quest givers in Jinisk and near Tabernacle of Pain) and the anti-Rime quests in Jarsath Wastes (Upper Command Camp).  I do these first as I like the rewards from the quests (house items and good gold rewards!) and as you have to kill Rime soldiers you can lose some faction you may have gained if you’ve the started the Rime timeline (its not a massive amount tbh but I prefer to do it this way ;))  I then go back to Fens to start the Rime faction quests proper.  All I can say with this, is follow the EQ2wiki timeline closely, keep checking your faction (with and without illusion) to make sure you do every quest available.  Once you can pick them up the repeatables in Jarsath Wastes are the quickest way to grind (and grind you will!)


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