don’t forget…

to do your Lore & Legend and Language quests 😉

Lore and Legend quests need 3 auto updates and 5 body parts from a particular type of mob (e.g. elemental, orc, gnoll) and the completed quest gives you a mastery strike which can be used against any mobs that you have completed the Lore & Legend quest for.  There is a complete list of available quests here.  Aside from the handy extra strike, these quests generally scale with your level (most up to 50 and some past to 70 or 80) and so give a nice bit of AA/XP.  You can get the quests by either finding a book (see quest list) or a dropped body part and examining that.  You also get 2 house items – a book and a weapon.

You can learn languages by either buying from a merchant or by doing a quest – see this page for full details.  It is definitely worth making sure you keep your languages up to date as you progress as some quests require that you speak the npc’s language in order to progress (e.g. To Speak As a Dragon (lvl 50ish) needs Giant language).

Further note re: AA
The best place to get advice on spending your AA points for your class is by looking on the relevant section of the official forums, checking eq2flames (raid oriented mostly but tend to be ‘best’ builds) or by asking someone in guild who plays the same class.  Its also worth remembering that you can respec your AA fairly easily by using the Achievement Counsellor and it can be worth having a different build while you are levelling up and changing once you are at cap level.


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