Heritage Quests

I forgot to mention that the monthly Moonlight events (set of 5 quests which give tokens for you to spend at the mini instances) are also a good source of AA.

Heritage Quests:

These are longer, more challenging quests which give rewards which are familiar from Everquest.  The rewards can be very useful and can generally be turned into a house item (if no longer needed) to show off your achievement.  There are over 40 HQs and start at level 17 (ish) and go right up to lvl 90.  There is a complete list of HQs here but I have listed a few below, which either have a very useful reward or I find particularly fun.  There may be other rewards which are useful – so check the list 😉

  • Dragoon K’naee of the Thexians – a fairly simple (and soloable) HQ set in Nektulos Forest.
  • Foomby’s Stolen Goods – gives a 20 slot bag, is quite fun and if you have some help quite quick too
  • Stilettos’ Orders – gives a manastone as a reward which is a clicky that gives you back a small amount of power.  Although by the time you are 70+ the amount is very small, it is still useful for long fights.
  • The Rescue of the Green Hoods / Training is a Shield – Rescue is quite long and involved but both HQs finish up in Deathfist Citadel – a fun zone filled with Orcs to slay and lots of quests and AA.
  • Stein of Moggok – this is quite fun and fairly quick to do (if you’re good… you need to sneak around Freeport ;))  If you have a bar or other drinking items in your house – the reward from this is a drinking mug (a um stein :P) which can be placed in your house.
  • The Journey is Half the Fun – you basically have to run a race round a few zones and beat the time.
  • Casualties of the War of Fae – a very nice bow with a stun proc.
  • The Wondrous Inventions of a Crazed Gnome – just a great ending… very funny and worth doing 😉

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