I would say that its definitely useful to have at least 1 tradeskilling class so that you can make some stuff for yourself, it can come in handy having a tradeskill for some quests too (a few quests require you to craft something and being a tradeskiller can make it much easier), there are now lots of tradeskill quests to do so its not just standing at a table now.  I also think its good to be self reliant in at least in one thing and if guildys have crafted you something its also nice if you can return the favour.

Basically up until level 9, everyone is an Artisan and can make level 1-9 of all items (weapons, armour, furniture, bags, boxes etc).  At level 9 you need to visit your home city crafting trainer (who also gives out an excellent introductory harvesting and crafting quest) to specialise into either a Craftsman, Scholar or Outfitter.  It is important you choose the correct class as a Scholar can only become an Alchemist, Jeweller or Sage for example.  At level 19, again you need to see the crafting trainer to further specialise into one of the respective 3 sub classes.

Artisan > Scholar > Alchemist Fighter combat arts, Poisons, Potions
Jeweller Scouts combat arts, Jewellery
Sage Priest & Mage spells
Craftsman > Carpenter Strongboxes, Sales crates & Furniture
Provisioner Food & Drink
Woodworker Wooden Weapons, Shields, Totems, Ammo
Outfitter > Armourer Plate / Chain Armour & Shields
Tailor Leather / Cloth Armour, Bags, Hex Dolls
Weaponsmith Metal Weapons, temporary adornments

I would choose a tradeskilling class which will either support your character or support your activities in the game.   For example, everyone can benefit from a provisioner making food and drink, a Ranger will benefit from a Jeweller (spells), Alchemist (poisons) or a Woodworker (arrows).  Someone who likes decorating will benefit from a Carpenter.

The best way to level your tradeskiller is by doing any quests available at your level and by doing writs (writs also give City Tokens which can be spent at the monthly fairs).

As well as choosing one of the 9 tradeskilling professions you can also choose to be a tinkerer and/or an adorner.  A tinkerer makes little gadgets such as Feign Death items, Call of the Tinkerer (transport you to a group member within a zone), a Mender Bot and much more.  An adorner makes adornments which can add very useful effects to your gear.  Speak to the gnomes at Butcherblock Docks to start these professions.  I would say that these professions cost a little more upfront gold than your normal tradeskills as you have to buy your reactive arts as well as recipe books, and as adorners use the products from transmuted items this can be quite expensive full stop.

For absolutely anything to do with Tradeskilling, EQ2 Traders Corner is absolutely fantastic.  If you are a member of Light of the Wolf, there is also more detailed information in our Guides section on our website.


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