We’ve had a fair few new guildies join us in the last few weeks – welcome all 🙂  I thought I’d do a quick write up on my take on levelling a character and expand a little on the new Golden Pathway.

Golden Pathway + more:
An easy way to level is to solo (or duo etc if you can) your way up through the questlines available.  The Golden Path, in its current form, basically is a set of ‘speak to’, ‘come back when you’re level X’, ‘meet me in this zone’ quests which run through a set of zones with very well set out questlines.  I have heard that this is going to be developed more as time goes on.    If you can get a group for some of the dungeons, they are well worth doing for quests, AA and XP.  It is also good to try and get some experience of grouping before you reach cap level if you can.  I’ve added some alternate zones in and some of my favourite dungeons too.

Key:  Golden Pathway zones, alternate/extra zones, dungeons

  • Starting zone
  • Butcherblock, Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest, Stormhold (very atmospheric), Crushbone Keep (excellent zone)
  • Steamfont, Enchanted Lands, Zek, Feerrott (Orcs!), Runnyeye (lots of gobbies), Kaladim (Dwarvish construction, faction quests here), Deathfist Citadel (huge fun)
  • Lavastorm, Everfrost (excellent questline imo  not sure why was not included – lower lvl than Lavastorm), Lesser Faydark
  • Tenebrous Tangle, Barren Sky, Bonemire, Loping Plains (werewolves & vampires),  Halls of Fate,  Acadechism, Obelisk of Blight (all great dungeons for AA & quests)
  • Kylong Plains, Fens of Nathsar, Kunzar Jungle, Jarsath Wastes, Estate of Unrest, Crypt of Agony
  • The Moors of Ykesha, Sundered Frontier, Stonebrunt Highlands

EQ2 wiki has a complete solo timeline and dungeon timeline


How you set about increasing your AA points will largely depend upon your playstyle (e.g. you can set the slider to all in XP and level to 80 quickly and then go back to old zones chrono mentored, you can set the slider to 50:50 AA:XP and level at a moderate rate, all in AA and level slowly – all valid playstyles with their own costs and benefits :))

How I level an alt:
I generally would follow the Golden Pathway and add in the alternate zones as and when I feel that I need AA or need a change.  I do try and mix in some of my favourite dungeons too – especially those I’ve highlighted above.  My personal preference is to set AA slider to all in XP, after I have either gained 10 levels or completed one of the golden pathway questlines, then I would move the  AA slider to all AA and catch up on AA by exploring and questing in alternate/lower level zones or a dungeon run.   Once I’m either bored with that or feel I have enough AA I’ll move on to the next stage.   You can of course also change about your AA slider to take advantage of different situations (e.g.moving it to all XP on a dungeon run to concentrate on gaining XP).  If you reach a point in a zone where you are finding it too difficult, you can try going to one of the alternate zones to level up a bit and then coming back before you outlevel the zone.  You can use the AA slider to control this.

I hope to add some articles on about Gear, HQs, Lore & Legend, Tradeskilling etc in the very near future – tagged under Useful Info


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