something a bit different

I’ve been pretty slack posting over the last few months,  its mostly because I’ve been busy in RL and playing EQ2 rather than writing about it 😉  Anyway… onto my new idea (which I’m know isn’t actually new… just new to this blog :P)  In one of my previous posts I was saying what a nice change it had been playing Dragon Age and being fully immersed in a world and Gordon, over at We Fly Spitfires also wrote a post a while back wondering what had happened to the role play in MMORPGs.

Anyway, my enjoyment of Dragon Age (and previously games like Oblivion) and Gordon’s post initially got me thinking about what was lacking in EQ2 and why I enjoyed some zones there and not others.  Obviously some aspects of Dragon Age gameplay just couldn’t fit into an MMO as much as I would like them to but it also got me to wondering what was in Dragon Age or Oblivion that could be translated to EQ2…  And thinking about this (aside from also making my head hurt :P) also made me realise what great details there are already in some zones in EQ2.  So my plan, over the next while, is to review some of my favourite places in EQ2, saying why I like them and what I think could have been added to make them just that little more special / immersive.


2 comments on “something a bit different

  1. I think EQ2 does pretty well on the roleplay front and certainly encourages it a lot more than games like WoW. For instance, you can have a character bio in EQ2! I love writing up a backstory for my avatar and it’s always fun to read other people’s when inspecting them. It’s the little things that matter.

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