well after a slightly shaky start (DL Gamer ran out of keys & Splitpaw / Int servers took a few hours long than US servers to come up) I did start playing the expansion on the launch day.  I wasn’t surprised, something always goes wrong 😉

Its quite strange but although I’m worried that this expansion feels a little ‘light’ I’m actually really liking this expansion.  I’m just not in a rush and have been noodling around doing a combination of adventure and tradeskill quests, exploring, shiny hunting and harvesting (3 rares so far!!)  I haven’t re-spent all my AA points yet, my jewellery now has all the wrong stats and I forgot to pick up my poisons – which all goes to show what a slacker I’m being 😉  Having said that, the mobs seem to be either very very easy or…. very very hard lol

Parts of the new area have a very wild west feel (well I guess the expansion is called Sundered Frontier).  I also found a stream which on EQ2maps had been named Wnkibok’s Stream as (the note said), it hadn’t been named so he’d named it after himself, which felt very much in the spirit of the area and I thought was very funny.


If you explore the caves you leave the dusty, windblown upper area and go down into a very atmospheric and richly coloured area.  I’m not sure if you can see the mob below very well, it is a level 92 epic x2 3 headed dog.  It is very cool looking but I couldn’t get any closer without annoying it 😉

3 headed

I completed a shiny collection (the toxxulia flower one I think) and I got a wyvern illusion as a reward.  The illusion makes you huge and you do ‘fly’, although you cannot gain any height.  Was a totally unexpected reward and very fun.


Paineel is also very beautiful with some good faction rewards and there is also a toxic jungle area I have been through.  I will post some screenies of these areas soon.

have fun exploring!

*edited for typos and 1 extremely awful sentence :P*


3 comments on “expansion

  1. I’m hoping for some big content game updates – it is fun noodling around and taking a relaxed approach to levelling for a change (as well as remembering there are other questlines that I never finished as I was at cap lvl/aa). There will be Halas of course. It will be interesting to see how long the content does last but I’m impressed with the questlines and The Hole was very fun (and huuuuuuge!) I’m kind of reserving judgement for the moment.

    Hope you’re having fun too 🙂

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